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While it's too early to tell which specific brands may be the right fit for you, there are several main categories in franchising.  Each has its own features and benefits, investment level, ownership models, and financial opportunities.  In addition to identifying the right ownership model(s) for you, here are the four main categories to consider:

Service-Based/Low Investment

These are the lowest investments available with high ROI potential.  Investments typically range from $50K to $250K on average. They serve consumers and businesses and are often run out of a home office.


Owners are usually hands-on in these businesses and directly impact the financial outcome.  The ownership models span self-employed, owner-operator, and semi-absentee, and cover a wide variety of industries.


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Are you looking for business resales? Sometimes it makes sense to buy an existing unit. I get it, people want a great deal on a business and avoid the startup phase when possible. However, there are many pieces of that puzzle to consider.

In my 30-years of experience, I've seen three types of businesses for sale: The broken, the overvalued, and the sweet spot. Resales take a particular kind of owner. Each one requires a different set of skills, support, and capital to acquire and operate.

The process of finding a resale is no different from finding a new one. It all starts with you! To do it successfully, you want to focus on the characteristics first, rather than any perceived deal you might get on it. So long as the resale lines up with your goals and objectives, it makes sense to investigate.

I maintain an extensive list of active resales covering various ownership models, industries, and investment levels. Given how fluid this list is, it's easier to call me and walk through availability. I'll walk you through the three types of resale businesses available and help you find the right fit for you.

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