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You've Never Seen a Painting Company Like This Before!

This high-tech franchisor uses software and custom chemistry to deliver incredible results, and they do it like no one else in the industry.

Homeowners and realtors LOVE that they custom formulate their paints and stains specific to the surface, color, temperature, and applicator for each individual job. The result is a factory finish with a 15-year no-peel TRANSFERABLE warranty. Yep, the warranty stays with the house. What!?!?!

They know their sweet spot, which is specializing in exteriors and kitchen cabinets. Competitors even refer work to them. They have multiple patents, serve residential and commercial clients alike, and their high-end solution is still more cost-effective than replacement. It's more than paint; they are revolutionizing home makeovers with the most cost-effective way to increase curb appeal and increase value.

They cover all types of surfaces, including:

•Aluminum Siding

•Vinyl Siding

•Engineered Wood

•Fiber Cement



•Front & Garage Doors


•Kitchen Cabinets

Here’s what people love about this opportunity:

•Niche and Specialized Offering

•In-High Demand Service with Realtors & Home Owners

•High Sales to Investment Ratio

•High Average Job Size & Margins

•Successful in warm or cold weather markets (started in Canada)

•Low Investment & Overhead

•Seven Revenue Streams

If you are interested in a low-cost, high-revenue home services or light construction business, we need to talk. At the very least, add this to your investigation to see how it stacks up.

Call/Text 303-548-9475 or schedule a time here to connect:

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