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No One Expects Their Home or Business To Flood, but When It Does, It Can Be Devastating!

This growing brand helps property owners return to normal as fast as humanly possible. Built by a strong team with over 27-yrs of experience, they thrive at helping property owners with water mitigation and mold remediation.

They provide high-tech processes, intuitive software, proprietary training, and everything else needed to ensure all water and mold issues are handled quickly and thoroughly.

This is a simple business model. Each franchise can be home-based and launch within 30-days (this is unheard of). Most of the work is invoiced directly to an insurance carrier, so there are no high-pressure sales or price negotiations. And best of all, you can launch with just 2-3 employees.


· Low investment and STRONG ROI POTENTIAL

· Quick to launch franchise model

· Operational simplicity

· Pre-negotiated rates with insurance companies for max profits

· Easy tech-based bids & pricing

· A fast track marketing system

· On-demand online training resources

· Dedicated support team

· Semi-absentee ownership

· Open territory availability

· Highly recognizable & likable branding

If you are looking for a highly scalable service business that you can work on vs. having to work in, this could be it! To learn more, schedule a time to connect here: www.calendly.com/myfranchoice

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