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No One Expects Their Home or Business To Flood, but When It Does, It Can Be Devastating!

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This growing brand helps property owners return to normal as fast as humanly possible. Built by a strong team with over 27-yrs of experience, they thrive at helping property owners with water mitigation and mold remediation.

They provide high-tech processes, intuitive software, proprietary training, and everything else needed to ensure all water and mold issues are handled quickly and thoroughly.

This is a simple business model. Each franchise can be home-based and launch within 30-days (this is unheard of). Most of the work is invoiced directly to an insurance carrier, so there are no high-pressure sales or price negotiations. And best of all, you can launch with just 2-3 employees.


· Low investment and STRONG ROI POTENTIAL

· Quick to launch franchise model

· Operational simplicity

· Pre-negotiated rates with insurance companies for max profits

· Easy tech-based bids & pricing

· A fast track marketing system

· On-demand online training resources

· Dedicated support team

· Semi-absentee ownership

· Open territory availability

· Highly recognizable & likable branding

If you are looking for a highly scalable service business that you can work on vs. having to work in, this could be it! To learn more, schedule a time to connect here:

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