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Be a Part of the Explosive Growth in the Waste Management Industry

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

This brand has a highly disruptive, patent-pending service built to shake up the commercial waste sector. It's a simple business model with recurring revenue, routed services, and minimal staff.

Their eco-friendly, 15-minute service reduces trash hauling volume by 70% on average, drastically reducing emissions. There are few competitors in this space and little they can do to counter the +20% savings their customers enjoy.

Here are some highlights:

· Territory is selling out quickly across the US

· Semi-absentee or owner-operators welcome

· No brick and mortar requirements

· B2B Service

· No waste or construction experience needed

· Recurring revenue model with 12-month contracts

· Disruptive technology

· First to market advantage

· Moderate investment with an incredible earnings claim

· Section 179 depreciable equipment

· Simple sales process- saving customers $

Individual owners & investment groups are welcome. They have a two territory minimum and are looking to sell out entire markets. This is an executive ownership model that requires a business-minded leader to oversee and scale the business. Could be run-semi-absentee as well.

The owner(s) could lead the sales effort of easily hire that position. Call 303-548-9475, email, or schedule a time here to learn more:

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