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Doctors, Dentists and High Net-Worth Investors LOVE This Business

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Are you looking for an absentee business/investment model in franchising? How about ZERO EMPLOYEES and a commercial real estate play? Can you invest 2-5 hours a week working on your business? This time-tested model not only survived the chaos of 2020, it thrived! And it turns out, it was designed to be COVID compliant all along. Who knew?


· HUGE demand

· Serve multiple recession resistant industries

· Help customers achieve something they can’t do without you

· A communal business where people want to be

· No collections- all billings are auto drafted each week

· Recurring revenue model with 6-12+ month contracts

· Own or lease your space/building

· Leverage lower rents and higher TI allowances

· Disruptive technology

· Significant tax benefits year-1

· Financing options

· Multi-unit opportunity

· Sell it for an industry high multiple of earnings

Individuals & investment groups are welcome, and entire markets are selling out quickly. To learn more, schedule a call at

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