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Checkout This Fantastic SBA Financing Overview with Our Friends at FranFund!

Business financing is a hot topic, and building a funding strategy is a critical piece of the puzzle. In fact, you need to start here before you fall in love with a business you can't pay for.

It’s no different than looking for a home. You need to be preapproved and ready to go before you start the buying process.

This fun, informative interview with Shirley Kefgen walks you through:

· What SBA financing is and how it all works

· Examples of different SBA financing programs available

· How long the process takes

· What your cash injection needs to look like

· Post-closing liquidity

· And a live update on business lending

If you are interested in learning more about franchise business ownership or would like to talk further about different options to fund a business, schedule some time for us to connect here:

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