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A Well-Known National Brand Is Now Franchising

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

Are you kidding me? That never happens! Remember when Amazon did this with their service routes a few years back, and how fast they sold out? Don't procrastinate and miss out this one, too.

The Why:

Part of a Booming, Multi-Billion$ Home Services Industry ✅

A Non-Sexy Business That Makes Real Money ✅

Territory Availability (selling quickly) ✅

Successful Female and Male Owners ✅

Founded in 1998, they are now the top franchise in home improvement and repair services. They specialize in small projects and earning repeat business. This blue-chip community-based brand generates strong lead flow right from their neighborhood.

Candidates with marketing and IT backgrounds value their disruptive technology. And while scheduling or project management experience helps, no construction experience is needed to be successful.

The How:

· Franchisees work on, not in the business

· Low-cost investment

· The offer large territories with the ability to expand

· They crushed it during COVID!

· Realtors LOVE this brand and refer them business

· They offer a low-performance guarantee (who does that?)

· They assist with employee recruitment & retention

· It's a simple, scalable model

· Great lifestyle business

Getting all of these characteristics to line-up in one opportunity is very hard to do. And it's true, their territories are selling out quickly. To learn more about this fantastic and check availability in your area, schedule a time to connect by phone here:

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