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Prospective Business Owners
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How It's Always Been Done

So, here you are, in unchartered territory, trying to figure out where to invest your valuable time and hard-earned money.  You think franchising might be an option, but you're not 100% sure, just like most people who start this journey.  


Franchise ownership can be a path to help people realize their dreams of business ownership or diversify their income & investments.  However, it's also complex and requires a solid understanding of the moving pieces to make well-informed decisions. These decisions will change your life, so you need to get them right.


There are a few common ways people become franchise owners.  Each path is different, with varying degrees of success.  No matter how you go about it, this journey will require an investment of both time and money, so figure out upfront which path makes the most sense for you.


Group 1- Just Go for It. 

Most people who start this journey have never owned a business before.  Many of them dive right in, begin calling franchisors that sound like a good idea and evaluate their opportunity based on what the salesperson tells them. Unfortunately, far too many people in this category make bad decisions that cost them dearly. While they started with good intentions, these buyers never had the knowledge, experience, tools, or support to understand what they signed up for, and now they deeply regret it. 


Group 2- Work with a Broker.

The second group is a little more sophisticated.  Maybe they've owned a private business, searched or vetted other companies for sale, or feel more confident in their ability. They seek change in their lives and want information, but they lack a functional process to act on it.  Finally, after feeling the pain of searching on their own and submitting their information to the wrong websites, they contact a franchise broker for help.


Ready or not, you just entered the buying process, and this is where fear and anxiety kick in. This type of fear puts most people on pause and prevents them from making decisions. Why is that?  TRUSTWho and what can they trust in this process?


It all goes back to where they started, with limited knowledge and exposure to franchising. They never found a buyer's advocate and were "educated on the process" by people trying to sell them something. Now, they don't trust themselves or the opportunities in front of them. They are fearful no one has their best interest at heart and are concerned that brokers are loyal to the people who pay their fees, not to them. As a result, most of these candidates stop here and never find a business. However, It doesn't have to be like that.

Search Like a CEO

There's a Better Way to Do This

Search Like a CEO.

Get educated and understand how it all works before starting the search process. My value proposition is simple: I work for you as your advocate, which means we keep your best interests at the center of our working relationship. My goal is to help get your cards face-up on the table so you know what you’re dealing with. 


I provide the experience, tools, coaching, and support you need to do this with confidence. Then you can make well-informed decisions like a CEO. This high-impact experience could save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of your life by avoiding uninformed choices you regret.​


Our program includes up to 8hrs of coaching, consultation, and industry introductions, where we cover the following areas:

Collect and review intake information (1 hour)

Initial Consultation: (~2 hours)

  • Is franchising right for you?

  • Establish your unique 35 points of search criteria

  • Establish your vision, motives, and set proper expectations

  • Review top ownership models and importance therein

  • Review the 4-corners of franchising

  • Start with the end in mind

  • Address your initial questions & concerns

Generate your unique search criteria deliverable (~2 hours)

Franchise Search Preparation: (~2 hours)

  • Review & finalize your search criteria

  • Review franchise economics, including fees and investment levels

  • Review the franchisee/franchisor relationship

  • Review funding strategies

  • Review franchise search requirements and timeline

Final Touches (~2 hours)

  • Introduction to the franchise disclosure document (FDD)

  • How and when to use a franchise lawyer effectively

  • Building your team

  • Address your final questions & concerns ahead of your search

Introduction to key industry contacts/resources as needed

  • Franchise lenders

  • Support services

  • Placement specialists


Ongoing support and guidance as needed (additional fees apply)


Begin your search with confidence!

What Are The Next Steps?

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"I would highly recommend Don when considering a possible franchise opportunity. Don is a great listener and, quite frankly, had the difficult task of finding us the right opportunity. He exceeded our expectations, and we are on to our next journey. Thank you, Don! I look forward to staying in touch!"

Scott, Multi-Unit Absentee Franchisee in PA

Came from: Aesthetics Industry


More About Us

Realize Your Dreams With Text- New.jpeg

People worldwide want a piece of the American dream, and for thousands

each year, that path to success comes through franchise ownership. 


Trying to find your perfect fit can be confusing and extremely frustrating.

Without the knowledge or experience, it's impossible to tell the good from

the bad with over 4,000 opportunities to choose from.


Great news!  You don't have to do it alone.  As your personal coach, I can

help you do this with confidence. And together, we'll ensure you are:

  • Educated on the franchise industry and how it works

  • Clear on your vision and your unique 35 points of search criteria 

  • Positioned as the CEO of your search to make well-informed decisions

  • Knowledgeable on the process to find income and lifestyle opportunities

  • Confident to overcome fear and get your questions answered

  • Supported through the process at whatever level you need


Finding the right business is easier than you think when know what you want

and where to look. Contact me today to learn more. 

Why Work With Me?

Candidates work with me because of my vast experience as a franchise owner and broker.  Having signed the contract and written the check multiple times myself, I bring a completely different perspective than working with a franchise salesperson.

Click below to schedule a quick intro call. I'd love to hear your story and l see if I can help.

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Let's Get Started!

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