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Franchisors, Licensors
& Business Clients

Consulting Services

Franchisors, licensors, and private businesses engage me in various management consulting services such as evaluating, implementing, and overseeing business processes. I help them grow, develop, and position themselves to realize their vision. And depending on the project, I may also serve as an investor, executive, or board member myself.

Everybody's needs are different, and my clients appreciate my ability to meet them wherever they are in their business lifecycle. My experience and unique skill set allow me to serve many different roles in their project. I bring a servant leadership approach and tailor my services for my clients in every case. 


Example management consulting services include:

​Franchise/License Industry Consulting

  • General industry strategy/Q&A

  • Growth and team development

  • Franchising or licensing a business model

  • Franchise or license system development

  • Establish and execute the short and long-term vision

  • Introduction to industry contacts/resources as needed

  • Existing franchisee/licensee support (strategy, growth, exit)


License Models

Business Management

Merger and Acquisition

Short & Medium-Term Management Agreements

Equity Investor: Expertise & hands-on leadership role

Board Member Services



  • Contract/hourly rate based on project scope and duration w/min retainer

  • Customized support and guidance as needed​

Servant Leadership Based on
30 Years of Experience

Biz Consulting Services

What Are The Next Steps?

Why Work With Me?

Business clients work with me because of my vast experience in the franchise industry and corporate America. This includes various executive roles and extensive time as a franchise owner and broker.


Specifically, they appreciate my ability to help them clarify their vision, build, and grow their business.


Click below to schedule an intro call. I'd love to hear your story and see if I can help.

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