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Advisor to Buyers, Investors & Businesses Looking to Enter or Expand Within Franchising or Licensing

Are you considering franchise business ownership? Get educated BEFORE your start looking and Search Like a CEO!

Interested in franchising or licensing your own business model?

Are you a franchisor or licensor looking to grow & expand?

Existing owner looking for guidance?


​You've come to the right spot. 

Don Taylor, Experienced Broker & Industry Consultant

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As a long-standing industry veteran, there are many ways I bring value to

my clients. Given my background as a franchise owner, experience as a business-building executive, and extensive work as a broker, I'm contracted

for a wide variety of services.


Buyers: I'm passionate about helping people get into business for themselves. And having been a franchisee several times over, I know exactly how overwhelming and complicated the entire process can be. So, I created the Search Like a CEO program, where I educate, coach, and empower prospective business owners and investors to make well-informed decisions. 


Business Clients: Franchisors, licensors, and private companies engage me for management consulting services to evaluate, implement, and oversee their business processes. I help them grow, develop, and position themselves to realize their vision, whatever that may be. And depending on the project, I may also serve as an investor, executive, or board member myself.

In every case, I bring a servant leadership approach and tailor my services

to meet clients right where they are at.


Sound interesting?  Let's talk. I'd love to hear your story and see if I can help.

A Few Benefits of Our Services

Your Personal Advisor

Our relationship is simple:

I work for you, which means we are laser focused on your best interests.  


You'll get expert advice based on 30 years of industry experience as a franchise owner, business building executive & consultant

Industry Knowledge

Franchising is complex. Get industry insight and a behind the scenes look at how

it all works. 


Learn how to Search like a CEO and proceed with confidence to make well-informed decisions 

Connections & Contacts

As part of our process, you'll have access to key industry contacts, such as top franchisors, resales, placement specialists, franchise attorneys, CPAs, support services, funding sources, investors, M&A opportunities, and more

Trusted by Candidates, Investors & Businesses
Throughout the US and Canada

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Take Your Business to the Next Level

with Franchise Success Partners

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He exceeded our expectations

"I would highly recommend Franchise Success Partners when considering a possible franchise opportunity. Don is a great listener and, quite frankly, had the difficult task of finding us the right opportunity. He exceeded our expectations, and we are on to our next journey."


Multi-Unit Absentee Franchisee in PA

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Beams honesty and bleeds integrity

"It is beyond rare that you come across someone as authentic in business as Don! A true professional that beams honesty and bleeds integrity. I met Don over LinkedIn. I could immediately sense he believes, with a measured approach, in the services that he offers to people looking for a way to change their career path, financial situation, and lifestyle."


Multi-Unit Construction Franchisee in MI

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Creative & Resourceful

"Don was extremely knowledgeable in providing franchise options. His experience showed through with the advice and recommendations that he made as I explored the options he shared. He was very supportive and professional through the process. I highly recommend working with Don to explore franchises."


Multi-Unit Senior Care Franchisee in CO

Is Franchising Right
For You?

Is Franchising Easy?

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